"Hello! My name is Melissa Moriarty I am an OT, I met you at the NY Toy Fair last sunday. I had an opportunity to try your product and I have to tell you I had fantastic results! The children loved it, particularly the softness and the fact that they had a "friend" to write with. I loved it because it inhibited their tendencies to use a mass grasp, which is an immature prehension pattern. The elastic band around the pencil allows me to modify the amount of pencil they have to grasp and they could not hold the pencil with their whole hand they had to use their fingers. They also were more apt to rest their wrist on the paper, which will stabilize their hand, this is because of the weight; which also adds a calming effect that some of the children with sensory needs find comforting. This is a great product I will use it often , my clients loved it! Thank You!"

~ Melissa Moriarty OTR/L
Mill Neck Family of Organizations
40 Frost Mill Rd.
Mill Neck, NY 11765

"When I went to pick up my 8 year-olds report card, her teacher said "Cassidys handwriting has really improved since she started using PenPalz". My children like PenPalz becuase they are so cute, I like PenPalz because they have helped my children take pride in their work

~ Veronica Cassidy Barry

I bought the set of PenPalz for my son and daughter for Christmas. Although I am not happy about them arguing about which one to play with, I have to say that other than all of the other stuffed animals that I have bought and found abandoned under the couch, my kids have been using PenPalz when they draw and even when they begin to do their homework. So as a mom, I really am impressed.

~ Angela from NYC

I have a child with some special needs and Ed (the owner) gave me a set to see how my 7 year old son would take to it. Well, he loves Benji the Turtle the best (although he plays with all of them) and the softness and fact that they are bit weighted has helped me get my son to work on this handwriting and gripping. He also takes Benji to bed with him. So I am hoping this continues.

~ Lena from Long Island